Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I was BIG when I was pregnant.  I carried a small linebacker.  I was out shopping for baby socks with about 6 weeks to go in my pregnancy.  The woman at the checkout counter said, "woah, you must be about ready for this baby."  I gently let her know that I still had several weeks to go.  I know she probably meant well, but she sure stuck her foot in her mouth.

Last week Dave and I were picking up dinner from our favorite Chinese carryout.  I haven't been inside the establishment for a long time because I'm usually waiting outside in the car with the baby.  This time the baby was with my parents so I went inside with Dave.  The ladies at the counter said to me, "You look so much better.  Your face is fuller.  You're not as skinny."  Woah, was that ever a backhanded compliment.  I smiled and thanked them but inside it hurt a little.

Have you ever stuck your foot in your mouth so badly you don't know how to reverse it?
Have you ever received a backhand compliment that left you wide-eyed and shaking your head?

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Carina said...

I learned in my Chinese class that a greeting used translates as "You've gained weight!" and it's meant in an only positive sense, meaning you're prospering and healthy, nothing back-handed about it. I tried it with my husband and one friend (who could take a joke) they definitely gave the "not funny" verdict. But yeah, I'd cringe if someone said that to me, regardless of the intention, whether my weight is higher or lower than the last time they saw me.