Sunday, March 08, 2015

Week in Review

Whew!  It was a big week and I rocked it!

Swimming - 7200 yards
I swam half as many yards this week as I swam all of last month!  I had three swims this week: one was 2800 yards, one was 2400 yards, and one was 2200 yards.  The long one was a recovery swim.  It was long but not a lot of difficult stuff.  The second one had a lot of sprints to it.  The third one was actually a continuous swim and I was pleased to see my 100 yard average to be 1:43.

Biking - 25 miles
I "only" had two bikes this week and both were at least an hour long.  There was lots of BIG gear riding, with LOTS of sweating!  I'm feeling pretty pleased with how my biking is coming along.

Running - 33.98 miles
Had I known I was 0.02 miles away from a round number, I would have done 0.02 more miles.  Good grief!  I don't know how many times I ran this week.  There was a recovery run (see post from Friday) that was easy and slow.  I also did short mileage with a warmup/cool down for some strength work and a short run off the bike on Saturday.  I did a speed workout that will hopefully be my last treadmill run for a while (and it was an amazing run).  And finally, I rocked my long run this morning - 18+ miles at an overall pace faster than my Boston Marathon qualifying pace.  Just to quantify - I was not TRYING to run fast.  My workout had a long slow build followed by an hour of race pace stuff.  My goal is to run a PR which is quite quick.  Therefore, my run was quick.  I was really happy with my runs this week.

Strength - 0.25 hours
Only one core workout this week.  I did a different variation of last week's, using a stability ball instead of a medicine ball.  It was a GOOD workout.

Next week is a step back week and there may even be a race at the end of the week.  Unfortunately, the weather is looking like rain for the weekend so I'm not sure I'll enter the race. 

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