Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ugh! The Bike!

This evening I did a bike workout that required a lot of gear changing - small gears to big gears, big gears to small gears.  I had 10 intervals like this.  In just my first one, I dropped my chain.  Ugh!  I put it back on, went upstairs and scrubbed my hands, and continued on with my workout.  On my third interval I dropped my chain again.  You've got to be kidding me.  Fixed, hands washed, continue on.  Two more intervals and the chain got dropped for a third time.  I probably should have stopped the workout at this point.  I got back on the bike and now my power meter wasn't reading correctly.  Please, someone send a text asking to go get ice cream?!?!?!  I soldiered on, though, and finished the workout.  What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, right?

Have you had a workout that has totally gone awry? 
What was the worst workout you've had that you got it done anyway?

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