Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Totals

I cannot believe March has come to a close already.  Only a few days until my marathon.  Where has the time gone.

It's gone into training.  Good grief!  Look at these numbers?!

Swimming - 27,450 yards ~ 15.6 miles
Woah.  Just woah.  I have spent a lot of time at the Y in the chlorine this month.  I believe this is at least double what I swam last month.  Am I training for an ironman instead of an Olympic triathlon?

Biking - 104.42 miles
One hundred miles may not seem like a lot of biking miles, but these were all done indoors on the trainer.  Most rides were only about 11 miles.  You do the math.  That's quite a bit of time on my bike.  I have done cadence workouts, threshold workouts, workouts where I stood up a lot.  I had mechanical problems that required more knowledge and help than I could handle.  And I dropped my chain about a thousand times.  I'm getting stronger on the bike and it is showing in my run too.  It'll be interesting to see how this translates to riding outside.  Spring and warmer temperatures are coming soon.  Right?  RIGHT???

Running -116.53 miles
This could have been more.  I missed a 9 miler just over a week ago when I had a head cold and I didn't do a 5ish miler today as I was recovering from a tough run yesterday.  I'm still hoping to get those done, honestly.  Sure, I'm not running a whole lot of miles, but I've had GREAT WONDERFUL POWERFUL SUCCESSFUL runs and I've really seen great improvement in my running.  Only a few weeks until we find out how it has all worked out.

Strength - 1 hour
All short core routines.  I guess all my strength routines were done in the pool this month.

YMCA Visits - 27
Cost Per Visit - $3.16
I'm sure making use of the Y membership this year!

Onto April....

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