Sunday, March 01, 2015

February Totals

I had a great month in February.  I've gotten into the rhythm of getting in all my workouts.  I only missed two workouts the whole month.  I missed one swim because the weather was just crappy the whole week and I didn't want to leave the house or take the baby out in the elements.  I also missed a run off the bike on the last day of the month because I had terrible mechanical issues on the bike, which made the workout long and I had an appointment I had to get to.  More on this tomorrow.

Here's the rundown:

Swimming - 15,300 yards ~ 8.7 miles
Do you want to know how many lengths of a 25 yard pool that is?  612.  Wow!  My aunt used to describe to her sons how far my marathons were by telling them how many laps of a track it would be.  I kid you not, I swear I have that many laps just this coming week in the pool.  The workouts are starting to get serious!

Biking - 102.99 miles
Seriously?  Only 0.01 miles from 103 miles??  Good grief. 
It was a good month of biking.  I'm starting to get used to it.  Maybe not exactly liking it, but not griping about it either.  It's often a nice break from the pounding of running plus the workouts are hard enough that it is definitely complimenting my running and perhaps even helping it.  Once a week I might have "just a spin" but usually my bike rides are structured with different cadences and power zones.  It makes the time go quicker and keeps my mind fresh too.

Running - 108.15 miles
Look, I know y'all are running like a billion miles per month.  I don't know how you're doing it.  And frankly, I don't know why you're doing it.  Maybe if I wasn't swimming and biking I would have more miles?  Maybe I'd be injured too.  I just can't do those miles.  I wish I could.  In my 14 years of marathoning, I've learned I don't need high mileage.  I have succeeded and achieved all my goals with only about 40 miles on a big week.  So, although I'm jealous of your mileage, my 108 miles and I will hang out and be just fine.

Strength - 2.5 hours
For me, the "build" season is just about over, which means the strength workouts are starting to subside and the swimbikerun miles are starting to climb.  Now I'm seeing less strength on the schedule and more core and core and core and core! 

YMCA visits - 19 visits
Not as many visits as last month.  The month was shorter.  I didn't have as many swims, although the ones I had were longer.  I utilized my treadmill at home instead of going to the Y to use theirs.  Whatever I don't need to justify it.  Nineteen visits in 28 days?  That's still a lot.

YMCA cost per visit - $4.49

March is all about lots and lots of miles.  My marathon is only, like, 7 weeks away.  The focus will be miles and pace.  I have big goals for this race.  I'm working my tail off like never before.  I surely hope it pays off.

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