Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

I talk about my niece a lot. Mostly because she has a crazy imagination and because she says super funny things. Last night she had a sheet of stickers that were earring stickers. She had already put some on her ears. They were blue half moon earring stickers. She told me to look at her earrings, which I did. Then I asked her what they were, thinking that she would tell me they were blue moons. She said, "They're diamonds." 'Nuff said.

I wasn't going to run yesterday. I was tired and not feeling 100%, but Dave had borrowed a CD from the library that had orchestrations of songs from the summer Olympics. How can you not run after hearing that?


Val said...

Ooh! I bet that was a good CD! We haven't done earrings of any kind w/ Care Bear yet, but she has become very fond of having her toenails painted. Right now they're "guk boo" which is dark blue =D

Meredith said...

Shelby also likes having her nails painted. I would say she's pure girl...but she could probably kick all our butts running.