Tuesday, August 02, 2005


My husband and I dated 2 years before we got engaged and then we were engaged a whole year before we got married. While we were dating we got the never ending questions of "when are you getting married." It was annoying. I don't think you should be rushed into decisions like that and I am a big proponent of dating a lot to find that exact person. Now that we've been married for nearly three years and are inching closer and closer to 30, we get the question "when are you going to have a baby?" My friends and family close to Dave and I know not to ask that question because it's not in the plans. I like to be skinny; I like my money; and I like my space. I know that's selfish but after I have a child there is no more selfish so I better enjoy it now.

I had always heard that you should never ask a woman if she was pregnant. If you're wrong not only do you look foolish but you've really insulted the other person. I don't know if it's because I work in a blue collar environment or the people I work with just have no common sense, but this morning for what is probably the 3rd time in the last 30 days someone asked me if I was pregnant. And then proceded to tell me that there is a rumor going around that I am. Usually I wouldn't care because I think people here are just waiting for it to happen (I'm about the only person in management who doesn't have kids and the only one of child-bearing age), but this time it bothered me. It bothered me because not only did the woman ask me if I was pregnant but she told me why everyone thought I was pregnant...because I have "blossomed."

Here's the truth people. I'M NOT PREGNANT! I got a new bra and I put on 7 pounds this summer. Thanks for asking!

In running news (he he he)...it's too damn hot to run!


Val said...

Maybe they're all jealous of you. You're healthy, not overweight like most of America, and you CAN still be selfish =) Plus, you're cute! I know you're not a huge fan of that word either, but you ARE very attractive & if you've "blossomed", well, forget it. I'm surprised that's all the more you've heard about it. You glow, girl! ;) Have a super day. Send them to my blog & tell them, "there. SHE'S pregnant!" =P

Alicia said...

On the contrary, I think it's very unselfish the way you see being a parent. A lot of people think they can have a kid and still enjoy all the great things about being childless.

I'm like you - I know that when I have a kid, I'll be a mom and I'll have to give up (or at least put on hold for a loooong time) a lot of the things I enjoy right now, so I'd rather wait.

jeff said...

i'm with ab. smsmh and i have been married almost 11 years now, and the longer we go without kids, the harder it is to wrap our heads around having our own. it's just been within the past few months that we've decided to adopt.

there's a great quote from parenthood (the steve martin movie). keanu reaves says, "you need to have a liscense to own a dog, but any idiot can have a child". it's good that you give the idea serious thought, rather than pump out a puppy just because the parents want a wee one to spoil. i think your decision shows more wisdom, regardless of the reasons.

Michelle said...

Hope I haven't been one of those annoying people . . . I agree with the other posts. It does take all those things to have a kid, and it's better to realize you're not now (or may never be) ready than to rush into it and feel in over your head. We wanted to have kids, and I still have plenty of days when I'm overwhelemed with just one, so maybe you're never really ready until it happens anyway ;-) . . . By the way, when I've put on weight (within reason, of course), I just like to think of it as being more "curvy". haha!