Monday, August 15, 2005

I Got Soaked

And it wasn't even because it was raining. I started my long run on Saturday at 7:00am to beat the heat and because my dad had some place to be before noon. I watched the news at 6:00 to see what the weather was going to be like. At 6:00am it was already 75 degrees. The run started well. Dad and I ran 5 miles in about 42 minutes and then waited for everyone else to show up at 8:00. Then we ran another 7 miles at a slightly faster pace. When we stopped for our waterstop, everyone stopped except Doug, Andrea, and I. I went another 2-1/2 miles with them and then turned around. I walked twice in the last mile because my stomach started to hurt. But, I made it--17 miles. I was so soaking wet by the time I was finished with my run. In all my years of running I have never been completely wet including my shorts. My shorts were dripping they were so wet. I spent the rest of the day laying around. I think it's way too hot to be running.


Andrea said...

Yeah.. I like how you tried to cover up how wet your shorts were. As though the fact you had a gel pack in your back pocket would have made your shorts 'swish'.
I had salt lines down my cheeks when I went home. In retrospect, no wonder I felt like crap the next day!

Meredith said...

My gel pack was making more noise than the wetness of my shorts were!!! I swear!!! I tested it on my return run by myself. He he! I'm such a dork!

jeff said...

haha...i'm that soaked after virtually EVERY run, regardless of length.

and if it's especially hot or a hard run? i get lather on my legs.

must mean i'm a horse.

Dave said...

Me too!

I got the "Is that your shoes making that noise?" question the other day in my running group.