Monday, August 15, 2005

The Dorkiness in Me

This post is dedicated to Andrea so she can really find out how much of a dork I am (which, she probably already knows).

I work for a major shoe retailer and I get a pretty good discount. No I don't buy my running shoes there (we don't carry them) and no I will not buy you any shoes!!! Anyway, last week I was out shopping and my favorite pair of sandals popped the back strap off. I was devastated! Here I am a week away from vacation and my favorite shoes just broke. I did a little shopping at three different places on Friday and didn't find any sandals I liked. Everything was a flip-flop. I really dislike flip-flops. They're not made for people with skinny feet and I think they are just plain painful. During my lunch break today I took my sandals to a shoe repair place and paid $10 to get them fixed. Who's the dork now?


Andrea said...

Pssssh. You already told me you were going to do this.

I had my old sports merrells fixed when the strap came loose. I loved those sandals, darnit!

Meredith said...

Yeah, but I actually did it! I'm all talk and never commitment, but this time I committed.

jeff said...

don't feel bad, i had the velcro straps on my tevas replaced three times before i retired them.

Val said...

I'm w/ you on the flip flops and I don't blame you for getting your sandals replaced. Shoes that fit well are one of the best little things in life! =)