Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What Not to Wear

You've all seen this show on TLC. This show singles out someone who has terrible style and gives them $5000 and set of rules to redo their entire wardrobe. I totally got my own lesson in what not to wear on Sunday. Being that I work at a high school and live in the same town as that high school is highly likely that I am going to see someone I know every time I step out my door. I usually try to dress nice if I am going to a school function or if I am going to a community event in which I will probably be seeing someone from the school. Sunday morning I had to go to Meijer to pick up some last minute things for our vacation. I had showered and fixed my hair and threw up on a pair of jean shorts, a T-shirt, and a long sleeve T-shirt. Not just any long sleeve shirt, however. It was my tie-dyed senior shirt from ten years ago. As I'm walking into Meijer I run into someone from my graduating class. I talked to her for a few minutes but all I kept thinking about was that I was wearing my 10 year old shirt...the same shirt she probably threw away about 10 years ago! What a dork I am!

Speaking of vacation...I'm outta here! Dave and I leave for NY tomorrow so you won't be seeing any updates for a while, unless we happen to find some place to post there. We're running the Manhattan Half Marathon on Sunday but so is about 5700 other people so you probably won't pick us out. I'll let you know how that goes in about a week.

Running has been almost non-existent the last couple days. Not only have I not had time but my shin has been hurting and after all the injuries I've had, I'm not going to push it. For now I'm doing my physical therapy, icing, and doing slower miles or at least trying.

See y'all in about a week!

Oh, oh, before I go. Something else funny happened to me over the weekend. I had a vendor follow me around Friday at work and he asked me to come to lunch with him, so I did. We were having good conversation and he kept talking to me like he wanted me to come and work for the company. I'm not really interested in becoming a consultant but I kept listening. He started talking about the book he was reading which was about how India was becoming a more technical country and that's why all the IT jobs have gone over there, blah blah blah. So I was thinking this was a test. I've had these interviews where they ask you what you are currently reading and it's supposed to be intellectual and academic and all smart and crap. I couldn't even respond to this guy what I was reading. The book I'm reading right now? The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. That's intellectual isn't it?


Alicia said...

I had showered and fixed my hair and threw up on a pair of jean shorts, a T-shirt, and a long sleeve T-shirt.

I had to read that sentence twice. I thought you had thrown up on your jean shorts and then went to Meijer. Now that would be a fashion no-no.

Enjoy your vacation!!

Val said...

I miss you!

jeff said...

hah! ab's comment got a snort out of me.

hope the half marathon was super groovy!