Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Dude, I don't know where all you live and the weather there, but it is damn hot here in the midwest. Today's high is suppose to be 95. 95!!! This weather is wreaking havoc on my training. I am an afternoon runner and running in the bright sun and full 95 degree temperature is not what I call fun. And you say, why don't you just run at a different time? And I say, it's not that easy. Because of a report I have to do every morning at work I have to be at work no later than 6:30, so that rules out running in the morning. (I already get up at 5:15; I'm not getting up any earlier.) And I don't like to run in the evening because that is the time I get to see Dave. If I do my workouts after work then I get my run in before Dave gets off work and we get to spend the evening together. Plus if I go home after work then I never get out to run. Too much to do at home. So yesterday I reduced my run to a run-walk where I would walk anytime I got to shade. And in true Meredith fashion I got chased yet again by a dog. People!! Chain you dogs up!! This dog came right out to me baring it's fangs and barking like it was going to attack me. I kept screaming no, but the dog didn't stop coming toward me. The owner finally came out and got it and told me she was in the process of putting the dog in the car to go to obedience school. Ironic? Then the woman looks at me and goes, "Are you Meredith?" Yes and your dog tried to eat me!!! Seriously, I need to do something about the dog situation. Not only am I scared of dogs to start with, but they're even scarier when they're coming full force at you while running. One of these days I'm going to get bitten. I've thought about carrying mase/pepper spray but having asthma I'm a little worried about an accident and I would wind up in the hospital. Any suggestions?


Alicia said...

Seriously, it's just stupid-hot. My workout for the day includes sprinting from the office to the car and then the car to my front door.

As for the mace/pepper spray, I've thought about carrying it on my bike, but haven't bought any yet. Just be wary of dog owners who will want to sue you if you spray their dogs.

Andrea said...

I don't get it, why did she ask if you were meredith?

yuck, I was picked up at 5:05 today to do running with that group, and everyone said they'd been up since 4! Yuck! I'd rolled out of bed at 4:45 and that was early enough. And that's once a week!