Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pepper Spray, Revisited

I live in the same town I grew up in. The town has become very suburban and very upscale (not that I'm upscale, but in general the town is) with big houses and tiny yards. The town wasn't always that way. Growing up there, it was very rural and most kids I went to school with lived on farms. Despite the town's growth, there is still quite a few farms in the area. Most days I do my runs from my parents' house because they live in this rural area and I enjoy running where there isn't as much traffic. Some problems I've encountered are dogs and fast cars and construction trucks trying to run me off the road (being rural there are no sidewalks). Yesterday I encountered a new problem that made me rethink the pepper spray. As I was running I heard a car slow down as it approached me. The gentleman inside the fancy convertible asked me directions to the nearest major freeway. The funny part about all of this was that I was running in the middle of a corn field. Does there look like there is a major freeway around here? I helped the gentleman, but I got kinda freaked out that he could have just snatched me and abducted me. Maybe I should be carrying that pepper spray.

In some more good weekly weigh-in on Tuesday nights yielded another drop of one pound. Four more pounds to go.


Val said...

Haha, now THAT is LOST. He was probably so relieved to have found a person to help him out! I think I'd be considering pepper spray too though... or my first choice, a big dog to have as running partner! ;)

jeff said...

i bought smsmh a small, keychain sized pepperspray doohickey that she can run with. i picked it up at a local running store. it's about the size of a tube of chapstick and is easy to fire, but won't go off accidentally. ask at your local store and i'm sure they'll have something as well.