Monday, August 08, 2005

Weekend Round-Up

No races this weekend, but I did have a successful run on Saturday. The group was at Highbanks and all of us did various distances. Andy, Andrea, Doug, and I all did 16 miles. It was a good run. Dave also did his longest run to date this weekend--15 miles. I don't know if he blogged about it or if he's going to, but you can check it out here.

Okay, so this is totally going to make you laugh. I was at church yesterday and they were holding a meeting afterwards to vote on approval of the new building designs. I didn't really care to be part of this because we're switching churches anyway, so I decided to sneak out during the meeting. The pastor said the benediction and then he went right into the meeting. I bent down to grab my keys from under my chair and WHAM! I cracked my head on the chair in front of me and it made a very loud sound. I snuck out of the room, but I wonder how many people saw that? Here's the head is tender to the touch today. I'm lucky there's not a bruise there.

Not much else to report this weekend. Dave and I got a lot of work done around the house, so above all else, it was a productive weekend.


Andrea said...

how dehydrated were you on Saturday? My mouth was SOOO dry for the rest of the day!
Then yesterday I had softball out in the hot sun, which didn't help. And I slid and scraped up my leg, just like I did last year. Good job, Andrea.

Alicia said...

At least cracking your head on the chair gave you an excuse to sneak out.