Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ranting, Raging, and Raving

I get a lot of hits on this blog. Not as many as I'd hope (to be the super-star I want to be), but definitely a lot more than I can actually could have conceived when I started this blog. Most people who are reading this blog I don't even know either because they don't comment or I have never met them. But I also have some of my real family and friends who do read this blog. The title of this blog is "This Runner's World" which I've always meant to be writings about my life as a runner, whether that meant running adventures or real-life adventures.

My real-life friends really like it when I pull out the soap box and go to town on the blog. But, most things I would love to do rant, rage, and rave about I simply can't because I'll (a) lose my job and (b) lose my friends and (c) look like the most horrible person ever. It's no secret that I am opinionated. You give me a topic and I've got an opinion on it. And, let's just say that my speech in real life is quite colorful. But, on the blog, I really try to refrain.

This week has been kinda hectic. We're throwing a totally awesome birthday party for your's truly tomorrow, we've cranked up the triathlon training, and I might have gotten reprimanded for something at work in which I was doing nothing wrong in the first place. So, I have a lot for which I could probably pull out the soap box. But let's just leave it as I'm stressed, I'm cranky, and I'm looking forward to Friday.

My dear friends, that's as much soap box as there will be today. Sorry for the disappointment.


Val said...

Oh come on and let loose already ;) *snicker* We all love a good roasting. Why else would tabloids sell?!

mrd said...


Anonymous said...

impressive restraint there! :-)
the party was a lot of fun, btw. I was a little worried when we first got there, b/c we only recognized one other person besides you and Dave, but then we started bowling, and couldn't stop laughing. (See Dave for details, if you haven't already heard them.)

jennyonthespot said...

Hey there - just found your site today... via the StayPut featured athlete page.

I applied for the StayPut Team - fairly certain I'd not get chosen because, well... though triathlons (sprint) and half-marathons have completely changed my health and life - I am not a top finisher...just a multiple time finisher. And I'm 35 - not a spring chick in the sport world. And I have young 3 kids, and... But I dream :) Congrats to you - with a sprinkling of jealous :)

Anyway. I've been blogging for several years, and understand your quandry here. I even recently posted something similar.

I have come to find these limits can be a growing experience. It has created opportunity after opportunity to change my perspective on the circumstances that surround me. I have found my perspective on life has changed too - I have moved toward viewing these "events" through the eyes of someone viewing a sitcom. Truly, some of this stuff should only happen on TV!

It also has boosted my creativity - the challenge to NOT gossip or take on a negative persona in my blog... and have found it has opened doors to my own personal growth as I struggle to creatively communicate frustrations, or any emotion. I still rant though, I just craft it :)

With that said, this is your space, and I have noticed folks sure do appreciate sincerity. It's YOURS! But no matter what - with such a potential audience, someone is going to not like something we write, no matter how wonderful or ranty or deep or funny it is.