Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Canon Ball!!!

Today it was back to the grind of work and working out. The workout today was a short swim and being that it was FRIGGIN' hot outside, I decided to do my swim outside. I got to the pool and they had the lanes all set up for a swim meet later in the day. Awesome! More lanes to choose from. Except, the lifeguards were not keeping the kids out of them. And not only were they allowing the kids to swim in them, they were allowing the kids to play in them. There was lots of splashing and racing and horsing around. As I was doing my sprint section of my workout, the kids in the lane beside me were practicing their canon balls. Nice!

So today, I really got in an open-water workout. There were waves, and wind, and lots of obstacles.


D said...

Oh man, it's ALWAYS like open-water training at my pool. Especially when the swim club is there. It's nuts. I keep telling myself over and over that it's good training, but some days I just wanna scream.

Jacqi said...

Ugh, that's the worse when the guards are not yelling at the kids for swimming ACROSS the lanes. One time I was coming in to the wall and a kid whacked me, and me him, and I just can't believe there isn't more warning for the kids not to do that! I don't want a parent to yell at me for hurting their kid just because they crossed my lane in the middle of my swim and I can't see them!

Michelle said...

I did some so-called laps in our pool today, and had to swim around Paul (the middle child) on the raft while David sat on the steps. Somehow I think I still didn't get the workout that you did ;-)