Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Totals

I would say June was a pretty balanced month. Swimming, biking, and running were not a lot but equally not a lot. I'm sure hoping things pick up soon. There's big races to be run. I probably should let Coach see that I just wrote that. :)

Running = 54.74 miles
Biking = 71.26 miles
Swimming = 10,500 meters
Other = 4 hours (all yoga)

What I did learn this month is that I'm freakishly strong and balanced in yoga, but still lacking in the flexibility department. Let me rephrase that, I am really flexible for a runner, not so flexible for a former gymnast. Look what I learned today:

Yes, this is actually me showing the pose this time.

Now y'all go ahead and try that but make sure you're wearing a helmet when you try the first time. :)


unathleticrunner said...


KAT said...

Get it girl! That yoga pose looks all hardcore!

jeff said...

you need to sweep under that rolling cabinet.

Meredith said...

Jeff, you're not kidding! That's from a sewing project I did. The whole house is getting cleaned today as we're having guests for dinner.

jeff said...

whew! i thought those were rat droppings.