Monday, June 01, 2009

I Did Not Drown

I looked at my schedule at the beginning of the week and today's workout said open water swim. Say what?! Oh crap! I picked Dave up from work with our wetsuits loaded in the trunk and headed down to the quarry at the Runaway Bay apartments. We were banking on traffic but alas there was none and we made it down there nearly 45 minutes before the group swim. We waited until 6:00 and then decided no one was coming so we made our way in, just the two of us.

The water felt very cold at first. I had a hard time controlling my heart rate as I felt the sliminess on the rocks and the green of the water got darker and darker. I wanted to turn back but Dave encouraged me to keep going. When we reached the other side of the quarry my heart was pounding out of my chest. Then we decided to take a long swim over to the giant rock sticking up out of the middle of the water. It was then that I was able to settle down and feel good about my stroke. Dave was on my right side which helped since I only breathe to my right. As long as he was in my sights, I felt comfortable.

Once we reached the rock we rested a while sitting on it. I got back into the water to make the return trip and slammed the top of my foot into a rock while trying to stay afloat. Ouch! That hurt. The return trip was again comfortable and the whole swimming experience took us about 27 minutes. We probably went about a mile.

Here we are looking so pretty after our swim. I especially like how my mascara is smeared all over my eyelids.

The next open water swim will be next Monday at a different location. I hope it goes just as well.

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Michelle said...

I am so impressed. I would totally be freaking out, too, unless I had someone with me. I'm glad you can work on this together!!