Monday, June 22, 2009

IMCDA Wrap-up

The race is over, the vacation has come to a close, and I'm on the way to the airport to head home. And I'm happy to be going home.

I'm not going to lie, it was extremely difficult to spectate this race. Don't get me wrong! I'm proud of Dave. He worked really hard for 9 months and accomplished something I wasn't sure he was capable of. He deserves this and it's something that can never be taken away. He is and always will be an Ironman.

But I'm jealous as hell. To watch so many people I knew and didn't know finish this race and accomplish their goals made me want to do it even more. When I started my life list years and years ago the first thing on it was "finish an Ironman." It's still on the list and I'm worried it's always going to be on the list without being crossed off.

I have accomplished more in the last year of running than I have in the past 8 years of running. And I feel if I switch focus now I may just be throwing all of that aside or maybe even throwing it away. I'm not sure I can put away the runner in me for a year. And to be honest, I hate biking. I cannot even fathom what it would be like to sit on my bike for 6-7 hours at a time.

I need to come down off of my iron-high and remember the lonely days I had while Dave trained. I need to remember that I'm a good runner and that's my calling and I'm only goof to get better. I need to remember the rashes and pain associated with riding a bike ALL THE TIME. I need to do another race and remember what running hard is all about.

Or maybe I should take the leap...


lindsay said...

lol. this sounds like my personal conversations. talk myself out of it, tell myself it's ok, reason it out... or maybe i'll still go for it.

i have no doubt you could do it too. maybe your time isn't right now, or maybe it is. maybe all the added cross-training would strengthen you even more as a runner; win-win! i'm sure when you are ready, you'll make the jump.

congrats to dave - def a huge accomplishment!

IronMatron said...

I'm a runner too. I had the same thoughts.

Take the leap.
enough said.
Biking isn't so bad once you adjust to it.... it can be even kinda fun. Not running--but not so bad.

Molly said...

Have a safe trip home. Miss you already!!

It was definitely a long day of spectating - very inspiring (I am ready for my turn) but tiring!

Val said...

Haha. S called from Illinois & was asking for updates while he was driving. He'd asked how you were doing & I told him how hard it was for you to watch. Then he said he wondered what you were thinking about doing one and I told him you were probably jealous. Then I read this. Hehehe! =) I'm looking forward to more pros & cons about it. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

When you're ready you'll jump. And you can always test the waters and come back to running :) Congrats to Dave!

D said...

I STILL haven't decided about IMC, but I'll tell ya... those running gains you've made, they won't go away. BUT you have to do what's right for you... and all that blah blah blah (7+ hours of driving today has made me quite poetic, EH? hehe)