Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

One of my favorite home makeover shows is called "Dress My Nest" on Style. To help design the room, Thom Filicia has the individual wanting the room makeover choose three style items and three personal items. He then uses those items as design ideas like a dress with a cool design into a rug with a similar design.

Today's Thursday Thoughts involves your three style or personal items. What are the three things you MUST have for running, triathlon, swimming, exercising?

My list...
1. Nike Boston 06 hat
2. Balega socks
3. Timex watch/HRM


Dave said...

I don't have anything that I wear all the time, but I certainly have items that I make sure I have ready for the "big" workouts.

1. Hat from the local 20 mile race.
2. Bright yellow-green shirt for my long bike rides.
3. Louis Garneau bike shorts.

jeff said...

1. circular band aids
2. salomon xt wings [preferably red]
3. mattisse & jacks energy bars

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey there!
Let's see...
1.) ALWAYS ADIDAS shoes - never change what works.

2.) Stop watch or HRM

3.) Pony tail holder for my hair!!!



HeatherC said...

My Adidas hat, GARMIN!, and my iPod!

Some days I can do without the music, but I can't lie...I really do love it. ;)

Sara Cox Landolt said...

1- watch
2- hat/visor/bandana or helmet on the bike
3- a sports bra that works!