Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Test and a Tank

The word for the summer is speed and I kicked it off today with a track test. After a good warm-up the plan was for 6 minutes AS HARD AS I CAN GO!!! I was really nervous about this. No one to push me; around and around a track; expectations knowing I should be able to go a full mile. And did I mention it was raining?

I put on my racing flats, took a swig of water, toed the line, and started out FAST! I kept my knees up. I pushed off my toes. I tried to count my steps instead of worrying about my heaving breathing. The time was going fast and so was I. As I passed the 1600 (1 mile) I checked my watch, 5:43. Five freakin' forty three!!! Holy crap! I was flying. At the end of 6 minutes, I was just shy of 1700 meters. Nice!

This was more than a track test. I was testing out my new tank from SUGOI. This is the Fizz Tank specifically designed for Brand Champions. This is an amazing tank top! This is the first tank top with a shelf bra that I've been able to wear without another sports bra underneath. It's tight, but not clingy. It did not ride up while I ran. The entire back and sides of the tank is mesh and completely breathable. There is a pocket in the bank that held my key but would definitely hold a lot of gels and/or iPod. My run was pretty short, but the tank did not rub anywhere either. My only "complaint" I have is with the mesh shelf bra. It made me itch, but maybe that's just because it's summer and I itch everywhere. We'll give that one some time to see if that's really a problem. I'm looking forward to getting my shorts later this week and see if they're as magnificent.

Oh yeah, there was also a bike ride after the run today, followed by an ice bath. Then there was a nap. A very full and fantastic day!


Melissa said...

HI Meredith.. congrats on your great track workout.. You look like your flying in your blog photo.. thanks for the comment.. are you doing a tri or road race? Which one?

lindsay said...

i'm super impressed with that 5:43!! nice job!

i ordered that tank too! glad to hear it's comfy and all. i was beginning to wonder what i was doing/eating that was causing my insane itching lately but perhaps it is just all the heat and sweat/salt. either way, yucko to itching.

Heather C said...

a 5:43 MILE?!!! whoa whoa whoooa! that's f-ing amazing!! Glad the new shirt worked out too :) you neverrr know with these things!