Friday, June 19, 2009

CDA Day 3

Today started off with rain and boy was it cold too. After checking out the weather I decided to skip my swim but supported Dave as he went down to the Gatorade swim. I enjoyed people watching, especially seeing Sister Madonna and Michael Lavato. In the afternoon we met fellow blogger Carrie and her husband Shawn ( We had lunch with them and chatted a bit. We hope to see them again the weekend of the USC vs. OSU game. Finally, Dave went to the athlete dinner and meeting and I met up with Deidre to grab a bite to eat. It was kinda a long day and I have to admit I'm kinda bored here. I'm usually the athlete and it's been hard to just be a spectator. I'm fully supportive of dave and proud of him but a very small part of me wishes I was racing. I'm sure I'll feel completely different after seeing the suffering on Sunday.

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D said...

Always remember: Ironman suuuuuuuuuuucks.
I was hoping that this weekend would reinvigorate me. I'd rather sit, thankyouverymuch. :D