Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Running Inside

One of the best things about not going to Boston this spring is that I don't necessarily have to do all my training runs outside. Yay! And with the yucky weather we've had so far this winter, I've learned to embrace treadmill training. Yesterday I had a hilly mid-long run on the schedule. Normally I would do this at one of the metro parks but we've had snow for two weeks and the rain we had over the weekend created nothing but yuck. So I took the run inside to the treadmill. I created hills by varying the grade and I kept my heart rate in check by changing the speed up and down. Sure, I can't quite get the same miles in as being outside but I'm still getting the workout done and I'm able to stay healthy by not being outside. I plan on getting outside as soon as I can, but for now I'm enjoying being on the treadmill.

1 comment:

D said...

LOVE me some treadmill action. I do all my intervals & tempos on it. I'm one of those weird people that finds the treadmill harder though. Like, A LOT harder.

Hooray for the 'mill!