Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Heart is Broken

The day after I graduated college in 2001, Dave and I (before we were married) along with a group from our church went on a week-long trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We spent the week learning about Haitian culture, caring for sick children, and being immersed in a third-world country. The week was rough for me. It was HOT and it smelled and I really struggled to eat as the smells and sights were too much for me to handle. When we arrived back in the U.S., I kissed the ground and knew I could never be a missionary. Although I knew I wouldn't be spending my time in Haiti, Dave and I did spend our money as we sponsored a child there for nearly 10 years. My heart has always been in Haiti.

Yesterday I was at the gym and on the TV they showed devastating pictures coming out of Port-au-Prince. An earthquake had hit and it was really bad. Today we've gotten word that the home we stayed in there has been totally destroyed. And the street where the hospital was where we worked has also been leveled. This morning I watched the news and just cried. My heart is broken.

I found this picture today of Dave and I in front of the Presidential Palace.

I pulled this picture off MSNBC today. This is what the Presidential Palace looks like now.

This picture is pretty tame compared to the rest of the devastation. If you can help, please do.

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Mary IronMatron said...

Just went to Direct Relief International to donate.