Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Did you watch "The Buried Life" on Monday? It's a show about 4 guys who created a list of 100 things to do before they die. For every item on their list they do, they help a perfect stranger do something on the stranger's list. I too have had a life list for several years and have accomplished many, many things on it. But now I've gotten down to the really hard stuff that doesn't seem to easily come off the list. I've been thinking more and more about expanding the list and adding on with things that would be substantial and rewarding but maybe aren't quite the life changers that I currently have on my list. So I challenged Dave and now I'm challenging you...

...what are three things on your life list that you could accomplish in 2010? And let's add on to that. What could you do to help someone else on their list? If a comment on here catches your fancy, how could you help that person?

So here's the three things on my list this year...

1. Finish an Ironman--this was the very first thing I put on my list when I created it years ago.
2. Get an article written about me in the local newspaper. It could be about my business or my athletic pursuits and accomplishments. I have struggled greatly at this one while other, let's just say not-so-athletic individuals, have gotten their marathon stories published. Ooooh, it makes me mad!
3. Pose nude/semi-nude for art. I figure, if my body is going to be rockin' for this triathlon, then I want to have it photographed to look back on. I'm hoping it have it done like the ones in ESPN or in "Athlete" by Howard Schatz.

What do you want to do before you die?

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jeff said...

i always struggle with these 'bucket list' type of things. i used to keep a mental running list, but as the years go by, i drop things and add new things. like, i used to want to run a marathon on every continent, but that has changed now that my focus is no longer on the marathon, but more about experiencing locations. or, i used to want to go sky-diving. while i still think that would be fun, it's not something that i'm pulled to do anymore.

i don't know...i guess i'd have to give it some thought if i were to pen it.

i did some posing when i was leading up to wildflower a few years ago, though, and that was fun. it's cool to look back and see how fit i was for triathlon. i'm kicking myself that i didn't shave my legs back then, though.