Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thursday Things I Shouldn't Admit

Back in 2005 I joined my friend Michelle in taking a belly dancing class through parks and recs. Yep you read that right. BELLY DANCING! The class wound up being just three people and the teacher was mean and strict. Michelle became pregnant with her first child and I totally made a fool out of myself when I announced that no, she wasn't pregnant. (Remember that, Michelle). And I wound up breaking my foot (from running) and luckily was able to get out of the class with a boot and crutches.

Next time I take a dance class, it won't be belly dancing!


Michelle said...

Ha! For some reason, Brian mentioned that whole scenario (minus the broken foot) out of the blue the other day! I ended up being the only one left by the last week of class. Did no one else enjoy it? I thought it was kind of fun ;-)

Meredith said...

And I remembered it was in 2004 because that's when I was supposed to run my first Boston.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

I took belly dance a few years ago. The class started two days after my first irondistance DNF. I liked it, but my teacher wasn't mean. I did take ballet a few years ago and he was very mean and made me cry.