Friday, January 01, 2010

Second Month Measurements

I've now got two full months of triathlon training behind me. I'd like to say I did all the workouts and they were all great, but I spent a great deal of time sick and no matter how I try, I just haven't figured out the magic combination to get all my workouts done in a week. Maybe this week! Dave and my friends have really started to notice the changes in my body. A friend of mine at lunch the other day told me my shoulders were looking bigger. Dang right! I've been working hard in the pool. But despite what they see, my measurements don't seem to be changing.

Weight = 116.4, basically holding steady
Quads = L - 19.5", R = 19.5", no change, but I swear they look bigger. I've even begun to get that tear drop over my knee.
Biceps = L - 10-3/4", R = 10-3/4", they sure seem bigger than that. :)
Waist = 27-3/4", no change

Today I also took my body fat percentage on my parents' scale. It said 24.5%. I actually think that's pretty good. Last time I had it done, which was years ago, it was more than that. I hope to continue to see that falling. I think body fat percentage will be a better gauge of how fit I am getting.

Hope you all had a great New Year. My year has certainly started off right with a Buckeye win. Rose Bowl Champs! Here's to a great 2010...


Mary IronMatron said...

Could it be the size is the same because you have built muscle but lost a little fat?

Melissa said...

I made Buckeye's this year but they were so big! My family loved them.

So, are you transitioning to a triathlete? Weren't you strictly running before?

Happy new year!