Thursday, April 02, 2015

An Evening We Don't Want to Remember

It started on our drive home from Anderson's swim lessons on Tuesday.  Dave's phone started ringing.  It was a 1-800 number.  We thought it was just crap so we didn't answer.  Then they left a message.  Then a text.

Our debit card number had been used for an $800+ purchase.


When we got home Dave got out his wallet to get his card to call our financial institution.  Both the credit card and debit card were gone.  Physically stolen.


As we were calling the bank, the bank called us.  We were able to stop the credit card and debit card, which were being used as we were talking to them...Chipotle, gas station, etc.  They were able to reverse the charges (thank god).  We then called the YMCA where we believed the theft happened based on the location of the charges and the timing.  Of course, they couldn't do anything but we at least wanted to alert them that it had happened.  Then Dave, at 9:30pm, headed to the local police station to fill out a report.  Because we were able to do all of this so quickly after the theft, they were going to give all the information to a detective so he/she could pull tapes from Target (where the $800 purchase was done) and the Y and the gas station and whatnot.  Hopefully they catch those little boogers.

So how did this happen?  We don't really know.  We're always really careful to lock our stuff up at the Y.  And Dave said he did.  I believe him too.  They only took the credit and debit card and nothing else.  Not even Dave's iPhone 6+.  Did they take them out of his back pocket?  Seems kinda crazy, but then again this whole thing was kinda crazy.  In the end, we don't know and we're not going to fret about it.  The good news is, (a) they went and made a HUGE purchase which alerted our bank and (b) because of that we were able to stop those bastards quickly and get our money back.


middleagedrunner said...

Oh wow that is HORRIBLE!!! Thank heavens they could reverse the charges but what a drag :-(

Carina said...

Ugh! They frequently buy gift cards and then resell those, the store can probably trace the gift card numbers and then flag them when used, then the police question that person until they get the name of the seller (the person who likely originally stole the card from your husband, or bought the cards from the person who did).