Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week in Review

The taper started this week.  I caught a cold.  I lost my mind.  I missed some workouts.  Whatever.  I'm trained and ready.  Nothing I do now will change the results next week.

Swimming - 3000 yards
I had three swims on the schedule this week, but I only did one.  I lost motivation to get over to the Y and do the swims.  Plus I was sick and yuck and I didn't want to take the little one to childcare only for him to catch his millionth cold this spring. 

Biking - 24.28 miles
I did two indoor bike rides this week - one shorter, one longer.  Neither of them were especially hard.  Mostly they focused on cadence.  Oh how I wish all bike rides were like taper bike rides.  That'll change in a few weeks.

Running - 24.29 miles
Monday was the long run where I hit the intervals but felt terrible.  I also tried a track workout that was disastrous.  Finally, the week ended with a fun, strong run with friends

Strength - 0 hours
There were no strength workouts this week.  Yahoo!!!

One more week!!!

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