Thursday, April 09, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Back in the day when I had a job that paid real money and Dave was working too and we were childless, I found that I liked to afford luxuries.  One of my favorite luxuries was having a house cleaning service.  Once or twice a month we would have someone clean our house top to bottom.  When I was a kid my mom used to have specific chores for my sister and I and we weren't allowed to do certain things until those chores were done.  And Saturdays were house cleaning day.  The house got cleaned before anything else got done.  When I live alone in an apartment I kept to this schedule.  I always got the house cleaned every week and everything was put away.  When I got married and bought a house this type of discipline fell to the wayside.  My life partner, aka The Husband, doesn't have the same feelings as me of always having the house clean and picked up and minimalism, etc., so I've slacked too.  If I'm not getting help why should I do all this for two?

Anyway, I loved having someone clean the house.  It was a luxury I wish I could still afford.  Or frankly, have the motivation to do myself.

If you had the money, what luxury would you indulge?


Carina said...

I go back and forth on getting housekeeping services. Mostly I lean against it because (a) it's just us two adults, no kids and no pets, no reason we can't clean up after ourselves, and (b) I hate having people touch my stuff; my last housekeeper was years ago and random things broke -- much better to just leave the inch of dust accumulate rather than touch it to clean it and break it?

Jeffrey Smith said...

If I had money to burn, I would buy 1,000 chihuahuas. That way, when I came home, I'd be greeted by a sea of yapping happiness. Of course, I'd need a housecleaning service as well. No way am I going to pick up after 1,000 crapping chihuahuas.