Monday, April 06, 2015

Week in Review

My weeks have been all screwed up for a while.  I do some workouts from a week ago; some from this week and then put them in whatever order makes sense.  In the end, I do all the workouts and that's what is important.  Right?

Swimming - 4750 yards
Only two swims this week - one long, one shorter.  The longer one was about 150 yards longer than expected as my coach can sometimes not add correctly.  At least it was only 150 yards and not 1150 yards longer.  Glass half full!!!

Biking - 24.49 miles
I actually had a workout that called for outside biking this week.  Unfortunately, it was 35 degrees outside.  Um, no.  I'm not that hardcore.  And also unfortunately, the kiddo keeps ripping apart his train tracks while I'm on the bike (and Dave's not home) so every few minutes I had to get off the bike and fix the tracks.  I'm not sure the bike rides were very productive this week.  I may need to put the baby back in the chair and show cartoons while I ride so I can do my workouts continuously.  Any of you have any good suggestions for keeping the kiddo occupied when I need to do my workouts at home alone?

Running - 22.84 miles
Yes, I know this is not a lot of miles, but really, I've still got a workout or two to do this coming week that were part of last week.  I like to think of my workouts not as weekly but as a collection of the bigger picture.  I get them done.  Whatever.  I had a great 11 miler earlier in the week that included a lot of faster running.  My overall average was faster than my last half marathon pace (of course, that was in the snow).  Mid-week I had another speedy workout that Dave and Anderson were able to join me on (on the bike).  It was nice to have company for once.  I have done this entire training cycle alone.  One last semi-long run that I'll do today and then I guess I'll officially be tapering!!!

There were no strength routines this week, although I did do some pushups and core routines by myself during TV commercials.

Almost there.  Almost there.  Almost there.  Almost there.  Almost there.

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