Saturday, April 04, 2015

Speaking of Second Thoughts...Anderson is 2!!!

Anderson turned two last week and we had a weekend of celebrating.

On his birthday, Dave and I took him to Red Robin where they sang to him and gave him some ice cream.  Kid loves ice cream!  And he loved them singing.  I thought it was nice to celebrate just the three of us.

Then on Saturday, when he asked for cake for breakfast, we got him a donut with lots of sprinkles.  That's close to a piece of cake, right?

Later in the day my parents, Dave's parents, and my sister and her husband came over to celebrate Anderson.  We ordered pizza, he opened presents, and we had cake.  He got a cool signing elephant, a bubble mower, some clothes, a camp chair (see picture from yesterday), a life jacket, and we got him a HUGE train table with tons of trains.  He was in boy heaven!

On Sunday, Dave's brother was able to come over, had a meal with us, and gave Anderson some cool cars.  One of them is a car carrier with four little cars.  He drags it around and says "BIG CAR!!!"  It's so cute.

Happy birthday Big Boy! 

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Cilla said...

Susie had the SAME cake for her birthday! :)