Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Totals

Even with a taper, a marathon, and a complete week off while on vacation, I still managed some good numbers this month.  There were probably a few workouts I missed, but what is done is done and nothing would have changed the outcome of my marathon except for some better weather and a lobotomy.  Here we go...

Swimming - 13,350 yards ~ 7.6 miles
Sure, it wasn't the swimming of last month, but had I done some of the swims that were assigned during the week after my marathon, I would have been closer.  I think I also didn't do some swims at the beginning of the month because I had a head cold.  Seven miles of swimming is still quite a bit when the main focus is still running.

Biking - 78.94 miles
I had one bike this month that was actually supposed to be outside.  Unfortunately, it was a mere 30 degrees that day so I did it inside.  Hence, I still haven't taken the bike outside yet this year.  I had a few bike rides I missed while I was on vacation, but I have ridden my cruiser up and down the neighborhood.  Does that count?

Running - 78.64 miles
Isn't it amazing how closely my running and biking numbers are?  It's been like this for most of the year.  Wild!  I am right at 400 miles for the year so still on target for over 1000 miles.  That's kinda cool.

YMCA - 12 visits
YMCA Cost Per Visit - $7.11

I can't believe April has come and gone.  What will May bring us (besides flowers)?


anynomous said...

I'm pretty new to running, but it seems like your yearly total of 1000 miles of running is kinda low for marathon training. Does the biking and swimming compensate? I'm on track for running 1400 miles for the year and I wouldn't even contemplate a marathon on that low of mileage; right now I'm just happy to finish a half in decent shape. If swimming/biking is making up for the running mileage I think I'll give that a try--the pounding of running certainly takes its toll.

Meredith said...

Good questions. I have always been a low mileage runner. Last year I didn't even get to 1000 miles and I still ran two marathons - both under 4 hours. The year I ran my PR (3:29 - 2009) at Boston I ran a maximum of 42 miles in a week. My body cannot handle high mileage, it breaks down and I get injured, and it has certainly been harder after having a baby to stay injury-free. My coach is a wise woman and I completely trust her training methods. My doctor has also agreed that biking will certain help with running.

You don't have to do high mileage to run a marathon. In my opinion, that just leads to injury.

anynomous said...

I hear you that high mileage leads to injury; least that's true in my case too. Time to dust off the old bicycle and give that a spin!