Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Taper - It's Driving Me Crazy!

I guess I'm officially tapering now.  And it's already driving me crazy!  I headed out to the track to do a pretty simple, short ladder workout and my head was already a mess not even two miles into it.  Part way through the first interval I decided to modify the workout.  And two intervals in I decided to call it a day.  I've still got a lingering cold which has induced a cough and a tight chest and a Nyquil coma. 

Is this taper thing going to my head?  Is the cold effing me up?  Am I crazy or just a few days out from my major race?

I've had such a good training cycle.  Everything has gone really well.  I've hit all my intervals and workouts.  I've got stronger, leaner, fitter, and faster.  Next week I'm going to kick ass at the marathon...if I can get there.  I'm feeling like things are falling apart! 

Am I going crazy?  Is this just the taper talking?  Am I going to get over my cold in time?  What the hell is going on???

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Carina said...

Do the mental training -- start envisioning and believing, all that stuff. You do have this!