Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm Pulling Out My Soapbox, Again!

Columbus is a small big city. In land area, it's bigger than Cleveland or Cincinnati, but really it's quite small. We have an airport here, Port Columbus, which really is a joke for an "international airport." Because of the tinyness of our airport there aren't many options in terms of carriers. We have no small airlines--like Independent or Blue or AirTran or Song or whatever. We only have major carriers like USAir and American and Northwest and whatnot. And, those never fly direct. They always fly to a hub. There used to be another airport in Columbus that was flying the discount airlines, but not enough people utilized it and it closed down.

So this week the group started planning their trips to Boston and it seems to be utter chaos. To fly from Columbus to Boston on April 15th and return on April 18th, the cost is upwards of $400 / person. Now Dayton is an hour to the west and to fly out of there it's about $200. But that flight is at 7am and my mom HAS to be there two hours before the flight, which puts us leaving home at 4am. Um, no. You can fly out of Cleveland for $144. Again that flights leaves at 7am and Cleveland's airport is 2-1/2 hours away so you'd be leaving home around 2:30am. Um, double no. You can fly out of Akron/Canton for $123 at 7am, but Akron is 2 hours away, which again is ridiculous.

The best option we've found so far is to fly from Columbus to Providence, RI and then catch Amtrak to Boston. The flight to Providence is supposedly $186 and then train to Boston is about $15. But, every time I look up the flights to Providence the websites say it is $186 but then when you pick the return flight which also says $186, I get a message back that says "we're sorry the price has changed," and suddenly the price is like $250 / person. It's ridiculous!!!

How the heck am I supposed to get to Boston? I should be able to fly out of Columbus and get to Boston for a lot less than $400. I don't want to have to drive all around the state just to fly for a cheaper price. Port Columbus is less than 7 miles from my house!

Any ideas, internet?

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Holly Hicks said...

Hey Meredith. That just sucks. I've been finding good prices at and I put in your stuff and it says $352. Not much better but would save $50. Good luck!