Monday, February 20, 2006

Seriously, it's cold

I know I've complained about it being too cold to run, but I didn't know what cold was until this past weekend. It was COLD, yo! Saturday I was supposed to run 16 miles. The temperature was 17 degrees and it was windy. The first half mile was brutal. Uphill, into the wind. My legs were almost too cold to move. The group kept pulling away from me and I just thought the whole thing was stupid. I made it about 2 miles with them and then turned around. The run wasn't so bad going with the wind so I decided to keep going when I reached my starting point. I went another mile and then turned back to try to meet up with the group. Again, going into the wind was awful. Back at my starting point, I took one lap around Antrim Lake which was a terrible idea. The wind coming off the lake knocked me sideways and I thought my face was going to freeze. Once back at the starting point again, I called it quits. It wasn't worth it.

Yesterday I couldn't venture out and try again as it was 7 degrees. Yes you read that right. SEVEN! I thought about trying it today but I might be a little short on time. I can start running around 3:30, but I have OSU women's basketball tickets at 7:30. I'm just not sure there's time to run 16 miles, drive home, and shower before heading to campus. I'll make a decision a little later.

I know it hasn't been a really harsh winter, but I'm really ready for spring. I'm tired of wearing sweaters, I'm tired of wearing hats and gloves to run in (you know, every other day because every other day has been 50 degrees) and I'm just sick of the grey. Did you know that Columbus, Ohio gets 190+ days a year of cloud cover? The only place in the US that gets more is Juneau, Alaska.

So for now, I'm feeling a bit frustrated by training. I'm going to be something like 50 miles off my target this month. Guess there's no reward for me.


Cheryl said...

I managed 8 miles on the Antrim trail. I started out at Worthington Hills, so I was lulled into thinking that it wasn't so bad. When I started circling the lake, I though OMG. Thankfully, we found a path that dropped us down to the riverbank and thru the woods. It kept us out of the wind, but the 3.5 miles back to Worthington Hills were brutal. I was supposed to run 16, but bagged it at 8. Yesterday's run was at the Dublin Rec Center. I wasn't running in single digit temps. I'm with you, I wish that winter were over.

What are you training for?

Meredith said...

I'm training for Boston. This will be Boston #2 for me. I ran it last year and should have run it in 2004. While training in 2004 I got a stress fracture in my foot 6 weeks before Boston. I have run 5 marathons in total: Chicago, Flying Pig, Columbus, Boston, and Towpath. You must run with MiT?

Cheryl said...

Nope, I don't run with MIT. I run with a small group of friends, and we usually run with dogs. How about you? Here's my email: