Friday, February 24, 2006

Rush Hour (or 40 minutes)

Please Olympics. Please end. You keep me up too late at night. And I'm tired. Zombie tired.

I went to bed last night after midnight. I woke up before 5:00 having to go to the bathroom. At 5:18 when my alarm went off I reset it for 5:45. Who needs breakfast anyway? At 5:45 I crawled into the shower only to be greeted by a bloody nose. Just after 6:00 I rushed through hair and make-up, throwing clothes into my gym bag, finding a Lean Cuisine in the fridge and was out the door at 6:25. Of course, my gas light comes on less than a mile down the road. Pumping gas, freezing my buns off. Turn onto Tuttle Parkway at 6:50. Great! I have time to go through McDonald's drive-thru. Why does it take them so long to make a bagelwich? Arrive at work after 7:00. Who cares I've been here OT the last two days.

I'm struggling with the running this month. I didn't run yesterday. I was fully dressed: tights, long-sleeve shirt, T-shirt, pony tail, HRM, socks and shoes. Sat down to watch TV. Crawled in bed fully clothed. Dave wakes me up at 5:30. It was only 4 miles anyway. I'll run tonight. Friday is weigh-in day for me at the gym so why go if you're not going to work out (I don't own a scale at home)?

I haven't forgotten about the pictures. I'm just busy and lazy. Last night was another OSU women's basketball game (Big Ten Champs BABY!) and I didn't get home until 10:30. Plus I think my battery needs charged on my camera. I'll pull that camera out this weekend, I guess.

Hope all you have a great weekend. Keep in touch. I loved the comments!


Nic said...

Just go with the running slump. Sometimes, The Legs just aren't in the game, and that's OK. Hopefully the next time you run The Legs will say, "Hey, I missed this!"

jeff said...

did someone say zombies?


once the olympics are over, you'll have your rest and you'll feel up to the training again. hang in there...only a couple more days!