Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Speed workout--The First

First let me start by correcting myself. It was not Bob the Tomato that sang The Hairbrush Song. It was Larry the Cucumber. I stand corrected.

Yesterday was a tough workout. The schedule called for 10 miles with 5 X 1000s at a 5K pace. Let's do a little math. My best 5K was approximately 22:00. 22 divided by 5 is 4.4, which equates to 4:24 per 1000. I started my run by doing two miles out Fodor Road and then two laps around the track. Then I started my 1000s, which I did 600m in between just to get an even number of miles instead of having to deal with quarter miles. Here were my splits for the 1000s: 4:41, 4:32, 4:32, 4:30, 4:31. So I never made the 4:24 I was supposed to hit, but it was cold, I was sore, and I was wearing layers of clothes. I don't think those times were so bad. I finished my run with another two laps around the track and then two miles out Fodor Road.

When I got home my legs were throbbing. I decided to take the advice of a fellow coach who was a world class high jumper. He recommends taking cold baths to keep from getting sore. So I tried. I drew a cold bath and sank in slowly with a long sleeved shirt still on and my skull cap on. It didn't help. I shook for an entire 5 minutes. Then I got in a warm shower. I'm not even sure it helped. I'm pretty sore today. But the days that I run and then swim are the days I'm the least sore. So there must be something to that theory.

I'm glad today's run is only 4 miles.

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Nic said...

I am also looking forward to only 4 miles tonight. My legs have been really sore lately!