Saturday, December 13, 2008

Love is a Battlefield

Most couples argue about money. Dave and I argue about housework/chores. Let me rephrase. I argue with Dave about housework/chores. And this week's chore of choice is the grocery.

I HATE going to the grocery. I come from a hyper-organized mother, so grocery shopping involves making a list of meals, checking ingredients, clipping coupons, putting the grocery list in order of products and aisles, and then finally going to the grocery. I would rather go to the gynecologist than have to do all this. With Dave training for Ironman it seems he is eating me out of house and home. And yet, he will not help me with the grocery list.

So I decided if he's not going to help me with the list, I'm not going to make the list.

Here's some pictures of Dave's personal items...

Dave swears there is still toothpaste in there. I have been using a sample I got from the dentist.

Dave ran out of razor blades so he's been shaving with a disposable razor we got when we were laid over in New Jersey.

Um, dude, you smell. :)

Of course, while I napped today, he created a grocery list. Now only if I could get him to clip the 6 weeks worth of coupons I've collected.


ECrunnergirl said...

OMG those pictures are sooo funny! I have been known to let my toothpaste get down that low...thank goodness for those little gadgets that squeeze the very last drop of paste out of the tube!

By the way, I HATE the grocery shopping too!! UGGHH!!

Val said...

The pictures and commentary made me laugh out loud. Thanks, guys. I needed it today! =)