Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome Back

November was maintenance mode, but December started the real work towards my 2009 goals. And Coach has not been messing around. Let's look at a few of my workouts during the last two weeks....

On paper this one looked easy, but by the end of this, I thought there might be puking:

5 minute easy warm-up
2 minutes at a faster pace
20-30 push-ups
10 squat jumps
30 ab crunches
20 slow lateral squats
2 minutes at a faster pace
10 walking lunges
30 ab crunches
30 skips
20-30 push-ups

I had to do that whole routine twice. If you're adding that up, that's more than 80 push-ups people!!! And have you ever done 30 skips in a row? That's so not easy!

Then this week I got this workout, to be done on the treadmill:

15 minute warm-up
10 X 90 seconds at 1.5-3% grade in zone 2 NO HIGHER
2:30 0.5% grade recovery
5 minute cool-down

It was hard. To control the heart rate, I have to run slower. It's all about muscle building for the upcoming hill training.

But I keep this in mind, if I want to qualify for New York things are not going to be easy. I keep a post-it note on my computer to remind me of this.

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Andrea Hill said...

At Roller Derby tryouts the other day, they made us do 20 pushups, and then 20 "hello dollies" -

"This leg exercise with the rather humorous name begins with the woman lying on her back. Like the leg lifts, this exercise should be done slowly and easily for maximum effect and minimum injury. From the prone position, the woman should raise both legs straight up. Then, carefully lower them away from each other to the sides. It works the inner thigh muscles."

Not too bad, until you consider we were wearing roller skates! My abs felt it the next day.

But your post-it is right. Whenever I struggle during a workout, I tell myself that means it's working...