Monday, December 01, 2008

November Wrap-Up

Swim = 7800m
Bike = 5.6 miles (yay, baby!)
Run = 40 miles

--Got back to running 3-4 days a week
--New PR in a 4 mile race
--Created new HR zones by an increased lactate threshold
--Overall feeling strong

--The plantar fasciitis continues to nag even though I'm having ART done to it
--The cold weather is here and motivation has dropped

Upcoming in December:
--Training starts of the 1/2 marathon in February and the marathon in April
--Hopefully finding ways to get my foot to stop hurting
--No work and all play (that's right y'all; I have the whole month off from work)


ECrunnergirl said...

Im right there with you on that motivation's getting cold here too and nothing slows me down like cold temps.

You have the whole month of December off?? Go girl! I have 2 weeks myself and I can't wait!!!

Hope that foot heals up soon-

April said...

Cold temps make me speed up! Cause I wanna get back inside where it's warm. Of course, Memphis cold isn't like cold in other parts of the country. We've got pretty mild winters.

What is ARM?

April said...

I mean ART.

Meredith said...

ART is active release therapy. It's like deep tissue message but WAYYYYY painful. I've had it done on my hip and it worked wonderfully, but it's not really working on my foot.