Monday, August 11, 2014

Motivation Restored

Last week's training was just abysmal.  Between watching my niece and nephew two days, going to the fair, and leaving for Milwaukee on Thursday there wasn't a whole lot of time for training.  I packed clothes to run on the treadmill in Milwaukee, but travel and spectating are hard work and I didn't get anything done.  So, I ran a measly 6 miles last week.

After seeing the hard bodies and awesome performances at the USAT nationals, I decided to get my buns back in gear today.  The plan was to get in my 2 hour long run that I had missed yesterday.  The weather was not so great, though, and I figured I was going to have to do the whole thing on the treadmill.  Just 15 minutes into the treadmill, I decided that running two hours on a treadmill is a stupid idea and headed outside.  Because the weather was looking iffy, I was going to try to run loops close to home.  I changed my mind a mile and a half into the run as the skies were getting really dark, it was starting to drizzle, and I thought my closest option would be running to the school.

I made it beyond the school to the library and needed a bathroom and water break.  I thought about hanging out at the library to wait out the impending rain but it still hadn't really started raining yet, so I decided to trek on.  I made it just one block before the skies opened up and it was pouring and I was getting soaked.  I sprinted up the hill to the pizza place and hung out there for a few minutes until the rain passed.  Then I kept running.

I made it almost home and wanted to run more before the skies got dark again and this time there was thunder.  I was just inside the comfort of home when the storm began.  I didn't get in my full two hours of running but I did do an hour and 17 minutes, 8.82 miles.  Hey, it's something and more than I did last week.

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