Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stitch Fix #3

I forgot to post about my second stitch fix.  I picked the items out and sent the others back so quickly I forgot to take pictures.  I kept a cute blouse and a beautiful dress from my second stitch fix.

My third stitch fix arrived this week.  I opened it and immediately liked everything inside.  Crap!  I've done a lot of shopping this month and seriously couldn't (shouldn't) afford to keep everything.  Here's what I got and what I kept or am not keeping:

Green skinny jeans - I freakin' loved these pants!  They fit like a glove.  They're not too short, not too long.  They're not short waisted and cover everything perfect.  Oh yeah, I'm keeping these.

 My toe's in the photo!

Three quarter length, printed sweatshirt: I have no idea what to do with a three quarter length sweatshirt.  In Ohio you get about three days a year to wear three quarter length anything.  Then it's either too cold or too hot.  But, I loved this sweatshirt.  It's feminine and has a great shape to it.  I'm going to keep it and will try to wear it as often as the weather will allow.  Or I'll figure out how to wear a button down under it and make it a bit warmer.

Printed short sleeved blouse: In a picture this is so cute, but on it's a little bit.  There's no shape to it at all and sorta swims on me.  I will not be keeping it.

Sleeveless printed blouse: This is the only one that didn't excite me when I pulled it out of the box.  It's a little too bohemian for me.  Surprisingly, though, it fit wonderfully.  However, it's a little low cut in the boobage area (yes that's a word), and the sides have a really high cut that exposes the muffin top.  I'll be sending this back.

Striped/color blocked blouse: I love this shirt.  It's a little long; it's a little shapeless but still so cute.  I'm keeping this one and already wore it today.

I've been debating if I should keep up with the Stitch Fix thing.  It's expensive and really I could probably do just as well for cheaper at the local mall.  But the convenience factor and having someone else pick out my clothes makes it a great option.  I've got a one year old and a work-a-holic husband.  Going to the mall is quite difficult.  We'll see...

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