Thursday, August 07, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Now that I'm a full time stay at home mom, a lot of the household chores fall to me.  Ugh.  I had a pretty strict upbringing regarding chores and as I've gotten older I have disliked them more and more.  And now I just excuse it as, "well, if I'm not getting help, I'm not doing it" or "the house is under a constant state of construction, why try to clean it."  This of course, is the absolute wrong approach.  I love a clean house, I just hate doing it.

My favorite chore is doing laundry.  It's such a type-A, engineering-type activity.  I love sorting by color or by type; I love folding clothes and the geometric shapes it becomes; and I love putting clothes on the drying rack, to see how many I can fit and how I can place them so it is not touching and still gets dry.  Laundry is soooo me!

Pretty much everything else is my least favorite chore.  :)  But if I have to narrow it down, I hate doing dishes.  They're so gross.  I don't like loading or unloading the dishwasher.  I hate having my hands in dirty water.  And I don't like drying them and putting them away.  I wish there was a magic dishwasher fairy who would come in after each meal and clean up. 

Another chore I really dislike is grocery and everything that goes with it - meal planning, making a list, clipping coupons, going to the grocery, etc.  What should happen every week usually becomes a four week task before I ever actually get to the store.  And now that I have to take a baby with me each time, it is even worse.

So, what are the chores you love and hate?  What incentives or motivation do you give yourself to get through those tasks you despise? 

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Carina said...

We both work full time so we spend roughly equal time on household stuff and I've managed to give hubby the tasks I hate the most -- that would be toilets, grocery shopping, and cleaning kitchen surfaces. And we tag team dishwasher unloading (thanks to a small kitchen, if we postion right, neither of us has to take a single step and we can just hand off). The rest is all me, and I don't mind it. Laundry feels like the bane of my existence, but only having 5 bras I like pretty much motivates me to do it every single week...