Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Challenge New Albany Award

Look what finally came in the mail!!!

I finally got my award for finishing 2nd at the Challenge New Albany women's sprint tri.  It's a big belt buckle!!!  I always thought I would have to run a 100 miler to get a belt buckle (and the thought certainly has crossed my mind).  Now I just have to get a belt to wear it with.

Have you or would you ever wear a belt buckle you won from a race?  Are there any items from a race you wear consistently? (I wear my necklace from Nike Women's Marathon quite often.)

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Carina said...

I have one belt buckle (from a 20 mile race), but have never worn it. I'm not a belt-wearer in general and don't have any belt to which I could add a buckle.
As for other gear, I wear race shirts all the time. I wear my Twin Cities marathon socks about every other week (not my fave, but I only do whites about every 2 weeks). I don't run in a hat often, but our local July 15k gives out hats most years and so if it's raining or I really want a cap for some other reason, those hats are my go to option. And every so often I'll drink out of an AG award glass, I have a couple of those.