Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slogging Through the Miles

This morning's long run was just a slog fest.  I woke up early and got to the park to put in 7 miles before the group run.  The news said it was a billion percent humidity (seriously, that's what they said) and it was already near 80 degrees.  Immediately, the miles felt a little difficult.  I didn't have any pop in my step, breathing felt labored, and the pace wasn't as quick as what I anticipated.  However, I was still putting in the miles and that was important.  At 8:00 I met the rest of the group at the dock.  I was surprised not to see Dave and the baby as he said he would be there.  My dad was there, though, as was the girls I usually run with.  As we started the next part of the run, I got dropped like a bad habit by my regulars and I was all alone.  Oh how I wished Dave was there!  I was about 10+ miles into the run when I saw my dad and he said Dave had showed up.  That's when I ran my fastest mile to find him (8:12).  Just over 11 miles I found him and we ran together back to the start.  It was so nice to have someone with whom to commiserate.  I was miserable and this run was sucking.  But, again, I was doing the miles and really, for the conditions, I wasn't doing that bad.  Back to the starting point and I had two miles left to run.  I just did those on the dirt trail around the lake, by myself again.  Thank goodness I had brought my iPod or else this could have been the longest run of my life! 

Overall: 16 miles, 2:18:39, 8:40 pace. 

Now here's your public service announcement of the day. 

As I did some walking after my run, I saw a man face down on the side of the trail.  A woman had just approached him.  I saw her bend over him and then promptly pull out her phone.  Another woman then approached.  Finally, I was the third person there.  By then he was sitting on the ground.  According to the first woman, she had approached him and he did not respond.  She was calling 911 when he finally came to.  She did not complete the call.  He said he had gotten dizzy and nothing like this had ever happened.  I filled my water bottles and gave them to him.  He was sweating and had rosy skin so I wasn't too worried.  He got up, got some more to drink, and continued on his way.  People, be careful out there.  Around here it's still very much summer - hot, humid, and just no fun.  Be hydrated, have emergency contact information, slow down, walk if needed, cut the workout short or don't do it at all.  One run is not worth risking your life.  Be safe!

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