Sunday, August 03, 2014

Week in Review

Holy wow!  I did a ton of running this week.  Or at least it feels like it (until I read other's statuses and blogs how they ran like 57 or 78 miles.  Geesh!)

Planned - 40 minute easy run
Actual - 41 minutes, 4.65 miles while Dave and Anderson followed along with me on the bike.

Planned - 55 minute hilly treadmill run, 15 minutes of core work
Actual - 6.02 miles on the treadmill at the YMCA.  Dave ran beside me which made the workout more bearable. 

Planned - 45 minute easy spin, 30 minutes of recovery
Actual - 45 minute spin on the trainer, 8.52 miles.  Two hours of napping for recovery. 

Planned - 1 hour track workout with 1200s, 800s, and 400s.  Shorter run later in the day.
Actual - 6.5 miles on the track totally rocking the intervals given to me.  1.61 mile run in the evening.

Rest Day

Planned - 35 minute easy run, 30 minutes of strength training
Actual - 3.74 easy-ish miles (felt harder than it should have)

Planned - 1 hour 50 minute long run
Actual - 1 hour 56 minutes, 13.52 miles.  Did this progressively with the first 6 miles at an 8:54 overall pace, next five miles cruising at an 8:28 overall pace, next two miles at a 7:54 overall pace, and finally finished up with 5 minutes of cool down.

Biking - 8.52 miles
Running - 36.04 miles

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