Monday, August 04, 2014

New Shoes

For years I have been wearing the Saucony Omni as my training shoe.  I don't remember why I started wearing them in the first place, but I'm sure it was a good reason.  About a year ago Saucony updated them and I frankly, didn't like the update.  It made the shoe stiff and heavier.  So when it came time to retire the pair I was wearing, I knew I was going to need something completely new.

I went to a local running store and told them exactly what I wanted: a training shoe, not a minimal shoe, neutral, and to stay in the Saucony family.  And this is what they came back with:

This is the Saucony Ride 6.  The Ride 7 had just come out that week, so I was able to get a deal on the older model.  And the best part about Sauconys is that you can take them out of the box and they are ready to run without being broken in.

Two years ago I broke my toe badly - a dislocation and a break that required my toe being put back together.  Recently, it has started hurting again.  Like, a lot.  It hurts when I run and it hurts when I sit and do nothing.  My mom thinks maybe I have arthritis in the toe.  Geesh!  My coach thinks maybe it is because of the shoes.  I don't know, but with nearly 200 miles on these shoes at this point, I'm not replacing them until they're ready to retire.  I like these shoes and they've worked out well.  Next time I'm getting the super cool red pair.

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Kurlanska Family said...

This actually for your touch a truck post- I wasn't sure if you went back to view old comments. We put this and a personalized digger im my son's room when he turned 3 and he is now 7 and still loves them.