Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Doing and Getting the Run Around

I have too much time on my hands without running.  And without running my self opinion goes down, down, down.  So it doesn't help that during this time we are redoing our closets.  I took one look at myself in the mirror and all my clothes I was removing from my closet and went, "yuck!"  Earlier this week I went to town on my wardrobe.  I put together two large laundry baskets of adult clothing and teenage clothing (I worked for Abercrombie for three years - I have lots of teen clothing).  Then on Tuesday I ran all over town to different consignment shops to try to resale my clothes.  I had to drop them off to be evaluated and quoted.  Then they would send me a text so I could go get my money/leftover clothes.

This whole time I was dragging my son around with me.  It was hot and we weren't exactly having fun.

First I got a text from the teenage shop.  They gave me $19 for some of my clothing and then gave me a bunch back.

Then I went back to the adult clothing store.  They gave me NOTHING and returned all of my clothing.  They told me they didn't sell many of my labels (snobs) and that my clothing was too old and out of style.

I'm sorry but when does a suit, a tailored jacket, and a jean skirt go out of style?

I was pissed.  And what do I do when I get pissed?  I turn to Facebook.  I started posting my clothes on different Facebook selling pages.  You know what?  I had hits immediately.  I started meeting people and selling my clothes and making better money than I was at the resale stores.  And I didn't have to host a garage sale.

Now I'm going through the rest of the house and getting read of my excess.  I'm so sick of all my stuff.  It's just sitting around, collecting dust, and has not or will not get used.  Time to clean out, the modern-garage-sale way.

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Val said...

You rock. I'm proud of you. Maybe if we all did what you're doing we could knock the stuffy, snobby consignment shop out of business. You know which one I mean. =P Love you!