Thursday, July 02, 2015

I'm Getting a Job

I feel like I have been living at the Y this year.  I've done a TON of swimming (seriously, 58-1/2 miles already).  I have become quite comfortable taking Anderson to child care.  They know him, they know me.  I really feel at home at the Y. 

A few weeks ago, our swim lessons were moved to the big pool because there weren't enough life guards.  Surprisingly, our Y is short of life guards this summer.  Several of the guards talked to me about taking the certification and getting on staff.  They know I can swim and they know I'm there all the time anyway.  So I got in touch with the swim director and he talked me into it.  I hemmed and hawed for a week until he asked me if I would do it.  Then I got a babysitter for Anderson next week so I could take the certification class. 

And here I am.  The prerequisites are a short swim, a 2:00 tread without hands, and a brick dive and retrieve.  If you pass those then you continue on with the training and CPR and whatnot.  In addition to getting a job, I also will get my membership for free and a discount on classes.  Plus if any of my hours need childcare I can do that at no additional charge.  Although I'm not thrilled that I will probably be working evenings and weekends, I'm going back to work and making a little money and basically doing what I do every day anyway.

Wish me luck!!!


Carina said...

That's awesome! Sounds like a perfect job, despite some possibly sucky hours (at least it's not overnight or anything). I heard a story on the news about lifeguards using drones, but I think that's more for the ocean. Now you won't be able to calculate your monthly Y fees!

anynomous said...

Good luck with the Lifeguarding! I did that as a teenager and eventually managed a pool for several summers. Loved it!
Don't stop at Lifeguard certification--get your WSI too! Teaching swimming lessons to kids and adults is very rewarding-you teach them skills that may someday save their life or lead them down that path to become a champion swimmer!