Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week in Review

Remember the July Challenge when Dave and I vowed to work out every day?  Yeah, we suck.  At least I'm doing better than Dave on that front.  This week I was given the go-ahead to get on the "Return to Running" program.  Immediately I started on the elliptical and I've been doing some solid walking outside.  Here's the week in a snippet.

Swimming - 1500 yards
5 x 300 pull

Biking - Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I'm soooo over biking.

Walking/Elliptical - 6.42 miles
I was only allowed to start at 20 minutes on the elliptical and build up to 40 in the next two weeks.  I did one elliptical for 20 minutes, did one walk on the treadmill, and one longer walk outside with the stroller. 

Strength Training - 0.25 hours
I am using my conditioning cards and now I can do most of them because the hip is healed-ish.  This week's exercises included Russian twists, forward lunges, upright rows, reverse lunges, pushups with legs on stability ball, one-legged squats (I could only do one set on the injured leg.  They hurt a little too much.), bench press, pull ups, burpees, and skull crushers.  Boy, was I sore after this workout.

Next week I start physical therapy.  I also hope to really get these legs moving.

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